Membership Renewals 2019

Standard Membership                                                £10.00


Senior Membership                                                     £3.00

(You must be 65 by 31st December 2018 and have

been a fully paid up member for the previous 3 years)


CIU Membership (must be accompanied                    £3.50

By Hereford Welsh Social Club Membership)


Please note: Only 2 memberships per person can be     renewed during these sessions

In order to speed up the Membership Renewal process,    Car Park Passes will be renewed/issued at a later date.







Many congratulations to our quoits team who in only their second season in the league have carried off the league title without losing a game.


Well done to Andy Butts for organising another very successful skittles knockout. This competition runs throughout the summer on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The visiting teams competing bring welcome revenue behind the bar as well as great excitement in the alley ( Len Carthew Suite )

This seasons competition saw Tattibogoes the Hereford League champions score 267 to pip Steel Chips the pride of Leominster on 260 to claim the £500 first prize. Once again the standard was extremely high with a fitting final.

In the Ladies final our own Bingo Belles from the club carried off the trophy by beating Hotshot 199 to 189 in the final.

Third spot in the overall competition went to Turbo G from Painters with Herefordians in fourth place.

Highest individual score in the Men’s section went to Terry Davies (Steel Chips) with 58 and in the Ladies to Tracey Lewis with 47.

Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see all those who took part this year back next year trying to win one of the prizes.


The Concert Room is being given a facelift which we hope will be to every ones taste. This will mean new paintwork, curtains, lights and upholstery.

Phase one will be decoration which will commence on Monday 13th August for about two weeks. Disruption will be kept to a minimum and all functions will carry on normally with the exception of the Sunshine Club who will meet in the Len Carthew suite next Thursday and the following Thursday if the decorating is not completed.  


Members who want a permit should by now have had the opportunity to acquire one. If you still have not got round to it see John Leake or I and we will get you one.

Remember they cost £5 which is a refundable deposit. In addition we will need your Membership card and car registration number. If you park without one the fine is £80. The scheme is administered by a third party so it will be no good asking a Committee member to get your fine cancelled because you have not got round to getting one.

This is being done for the benefit of the members because it is your club, your car park and you that pays to have it resurfaced when it needs it and you that pays the rent on it. So please co-operate to save the club money.

We will issue temporary passes from the office and bar for visitors. If you bring a guest in who drives their car but then decides to have a drink make sure they do not take their car home but get them a temporary pass so they do not get booked the following morning. No way do we want anyone who has had a drink to drive home because they are worried about leaving their car here whether they are a Member or a guest.

We will also ensure that no one gets booked while attending a function here. So there will be no need for a temporary pass while attending a function. It will only be necessary if a car without an official permit is left here overnight.   

If you lend your permit to anyone they will get booked because the permit number and their car registration will not match and you will be summoned before the Committee for misuse of your permit. So please do not do it.

As usual I think I have gone on long enough so I will now shut up.

Keep enjoying yourselves

Best wishes




Graham Preece









A few more people attended the AGM as a result of moving it to a Saturday. Members voted to increase the annual subscriptions from £8 to £10 but to leave Senior rates at £3.

They also voted for an increase in the rate of Honoraria for Committee members in receipt of them. Both Honoraria and subscriptions had remained unchanged for a long time.


The Queen will celebrate 60 years as Queen on 4th and 5th June. Both days will be celebrated as holidays. On 4th June the Management Committee have decided to reduce the price of a pint by 30p and on 5th by 60p. Other prices will be reduced pro rota.

Guests for 4th June will have to pay £3.00 entrance fee

And on the 5th June £5.00

On 5th June there is a lunch, entertainment, one free drink and a free draw. This will last from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and there will be a small entrance charge of £3. Tickets will be on sale on Saturday evenings, Sunday lunchtimes and Wednesday evenings.

In the evening from 7.00pm there will be a disco and karaoke run by Dave Jones. This will be free.

The Management Committee have also decided that for future shows of the month no tickets will be reserved they will be strictly on a first come first served basis.


 New memberships will be taken throughout May but the book will close at the end of May until next year.


We have now got all the details for the permits and they have been ordered. They should be available from the beginning of June. A sign will be put on the notice board explaining exactly how they will work nearer the date. Do not worry about it until then and remember the aim is to stop non members using the car park not members.

As usual I think I have gone on long enough so I will now shut up.

Keep enjoying yourselves

Best wishes


Graham Preece






Some years ago after requests from Members the Management Committee moved the AGM from mid-week to a Sunday morning. Last year just over 1% of the Members plus the Committee turned up. This year the Management Committee have moved the meeting to a Saturday morning in an attempt to find a more suitable time for everyone as clearly the Sunday experiment was not working.

This years meeting will be on Saturday 31st March @ 11.30am. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.


Earlier this week the Management Committee approved the Accounts for 2011. A copy of these can be found on the other notice board.

They show an overall profit on operations of £90,344 plus £3,806 interest. Tax amounting to £771 has to be paid on these profits. Of the operating profit £49,607 has come from the sale of the taxi office. An adjustment of £13,212 has been made in respect of previous years. This is due to errors on the reading of the electricity meter by the electricity supplier which they discovered when putting in a new meter in March 2011.

This is obviously a great result given that the trade is describing 2011 as the worst in living memory, with a downturn averaging 15% across the trade. Sincere thanks to the Staff and Management Committee for their great efforts and contribution in making such a great result possible.

2012 started brightly with a good January, but February was very sluggish with the club generally feeling quiet right through the month. Saturday nights are still not as brisk as we would like. There is free entertainment, guaranteed bingo prizes and value for money drink prices. Give it a go and bring your friends along.

St David`s day was not a sell out (or a give out as the tickets were free) Bar takings were about the same as last year which was down on 2010. After Wales fine victory over England we thought the place would have been awash with marauding Welshman on that day.

Room bookings are pretty good for the rest of the year, but if you have a celebration coming up why not see if a room is available. Both rooms have had considerable sums spent on decoration and furnishings and make excellent venues for a party. The refurbished Len Carthew suite was officially opened on St David`s day.

Let`s try to make 2012 another very good year.


The chance to renew your membership has now gone. If you missed the dates and still wish to be a Member you will need to apply for new Memberships. This will cost £10 if you hold a red card or £5 if you have a green one.

New members are still very welcome and the cost for the application and 2012 membership remains at £10. So if you know anyone who would like to become a Member please bring them in.


We have been busy over the last 2 months recording car details in order to issue Members with permits to park their cars in the club car park. We expect to issue these in the next 4/5 weeks and then have the system up and running shortly afterwards. You will be given plenty of warning concerning a start date  so need not worry about being fined. Just keep an eye on the notice board.


Graham Preece















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