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AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY The Management Committee have decided to reduce the price of drinks for August 27th, 28th & 29th. All beers lagers & ciders will be reduced by 20p per pint ( 10p per half pint) Other drinks such as wines spirits etc will be reduced by 10p per drink.

We have been assisted financially in covering this concession by Molson Coors Brewery Company to whom we are very grateful.

As normal during this concession door prices for visitors will be increased to £2.

DISCIPLINE The Management Committee have passed a motion concerning the punishment of any member found guilty of abuse of Officers, Committee Members or Employees.( See motion opposite) People come to the club to enjoy themselves or work in a happy friendly environment, not to be abused by someone who may have had too much
to drink and whose recollection of events the next day may not be clear.

So please when you have had enough take yourself home safely via a taxi. If an Officer or Committee Member asks you to leave the club please do so. If a member of staff refuses you a drink remember they are sober and will not have had a drink so will be better placed to judge than you. The message from the Management Committee is clear, bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

CAR PARK Most of you will have seen the signs concerning parking of cars in the car park. The idea is to supply all members who wish to have one with a sticker which can be put in the windscreen to ensure that the member’s car can be parked without worry of prosecution. You will be given plenty of notice of when this is going to start and plenty of opportunity to get your sticker. The scheme is intended to stop non members using the car park not to restrict members in any way. So please do not worry about this.

The Council have interrupted our preparations for this by informing us that they do not wish to renew our car park lease for a full ten years. We are currently in discussion with the council over an agreement and I will let you know the outcome of such discussions and when the sticker scheme will commence.

DRESS CODE The Management Committee have asked me to remind all members that the dress code for the Concert Room on a Saturday evening is trousers and not shorts. A casual shirt is acceptable but not a vest.

SKITTLE TOURNAMOUNT The final of the Club’s skittle tournament was played on Thursday 29th July. Last years winners Edwardians triumphed again and won the top prize of £500. Runners up & winner of the £150 were UFO from Leominster. Third place went to Fireflys (£50) with Stenhousemuir fourth winning £30.

In the Ladies section Off the Rails won the top prize of £50 beating Bingo Blues ( representing ladies from the Club) by 1pin ( YES 1 pin in the final). Libby Jones from Woolfy`s Pack won the prize for the highest scoring lady with 54. Dave Clark from Edwardians was highest overall individual scorer with 68 pins. Well done to all the prize winners.

After the finals the Chairman of the Sports section Gwynne Davies presented the prizes and
thanked organiser Andy Butts and his assistant on the alley Keith ( Noddy ) Scott for their efforts which allowed the tournament to go ahead and to be the great success it is. He also thanked stickers Chadd, Luke, Josh & Alan.

More details of the competition will shortly be available on the club website : www.herefordwelshsocialclub.co.uk

FOOTBALL Most of you will know by now that the club is running a football team in the Sunday league. Once the fixtures are known we will post them on the board so that everyone knows where to go to support them. In the meantime they are playing a friendly against a team from a higher league on Sunday, kick off midday at the Leisure Centre. This should be a good test and we wish them well.

Why not go along and support them and then come down to the club with them for a drink and hopefully to celebrate a win.

I think I have gone on long enough so I will now shut up.

Keep enjoying yourselves

Best wishes

Graham Preece