The Hereford Welsh Social Club began back in the 1960's.  The men from the Valleys moved to Hereford to commence work at Henry Wiggins.  They all missed their club back home and so decided to create a Welsh Working Men's Club in which to socialise and unwind.
The club was officially opened on the 24th of May 1966 in the building of the previous St Martin's Church School.  On the 17th of March 1972 the club expanded, forming a new lounge and bar after knocking down the old school.  As the years moved on it was converted into a two storey building with the steward's accommodation being moved into a house just across the street, as it still remains today.
Over the years the club has supported many charities such as BLESMA, Help the Heroes, and RNLI along with donations to these charities, we also contribute to the local communities such as Blackmarston School and the Hinton Community Centre, with Andy Butts taking the role as our main charity organiser.
The club joined the CIU (Club Institute Union) in 1971 and remains a part of the union to this day.
The womens section was formed several years ago to raise money for such events as the Childrens Christmas Party and the Senior Citizens Day Out, and after a brief break they are back in harness doing a fantastic job with Olive Evans and committee working to outstanding excellence!
The club has been privileged to have had many officers and committee persons over the years, whom have made a great contribution to the success of the club.  Of course, none of this prosperity would have been possible if it was not for YOU the members, and all our friends before us.